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Basic Greenside Bunker Shot

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After watching this video (and a little practice), you’ll think sand bunkers are a day at the beach! You’ll learn to draw a line in the sand to hit great sand shots. Short Game Golf Lessons by Mike Sullivan, Raleigh, NC.  

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Three Keys to Consistency

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Often times I get to talking to the golfers here at 401 Par Golf, and most of them come out to hit range balls with the intention of playing better golf.  Based on what people tell me, the vast majority of golfers are in search of the same thing… Consistency!  They want to hit more good shots and less bad shots.  Here are a few tips that can improve any player’s level of consistency: Posture – Good posture helps a player maintain better balance, allows for better shoulder rotation and can even assist a slicer’s swing path. Steady Head – The less your head slides back and forth or up and down, the easier it will be to make solid contact.  Please DO NOT try to keep your head down! Alignment – Make sure you’re aiming at your target.  Place one club on the ground a foot or two in front of the ball directly on your target line, then another club parallel to your target line between your feet and the ball. As always, if you have any questions about improving your consistency, be sure to contact me. –...

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