Use an Impact Bag for Pure Ball Striking

Posted by on Feb 22, 2011 in Blog, Golf Instruction, Practice Drills | 5 comments

Have you noticed anyone beating those heavy bags on the range?  Take a look to see the benefits of a proper impact position.


  1. Mike, wonderful video. Thanks for the tip and you know I will be getting an impact bag soon.

    I am enjoying my lessons and your expertise. Looking forward to more.


    • Thanks for watching Bernitta. As you know, the impact bag can help you improve your short and long game. I’m looking forward to our lesson tomorrow!

  2. Mike has been my teacher and mentor for several months. Not only is my game improving steadily, but even my fiance’ has noticed the improvement. In fact, we are becoming more competitive on the course. With Mike’s great teaching and mentoring, I am going to beat the “old geezer”!

    FYI my game is now in the low hundreds dropping twenty strokes. My goal is the high eighties.

    The impact bag has been a blessing and Mike’s patience keeps me coming back for more.

    Thanks Mike,


    • Thanks Bernitta, we’ll keep building those skills and the strokes will continue to drop!

  3. I can’t wait for me and my fiancée to get to that point.