Short Game School

Improve Your Short Game to Shoot Lower Scores

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Did you know that between 60% – 70% of the shots most golfers attempt are less than 100 yards from the hole?  Yet for some reason, many golfers simply pay almost no attention to their short game.

Actually, for anyone who is looking to lower their scores, focusing on their short game will yield noticeable results far faster than by working on their full swing.   Luckily, our students don’t have to choose which part of their games to improve.  We offer instruction in all aspects of the game!

Here’s how our classes work –

Each week brings a different “Short Game Topic”, that particular topic will be the subject of all classes held during that week.   For example, if this week’s topic is lag putting, then all classes held this week will cover lag putting.

Topics rotate throughout the course of a few weeks.  Topics covered include:

  • Short Putting
  • Lag Putting
  • Chipping
  • Pitching
  • Distance Wedge
  • Par 3 Contest (Putting all the skills together by playing 9 short holes)

Participation fees for the short game classes are $20 per student per session.
Participation fees for students enrolled in a series of private lessons will be waived.
Participation fees for PDP members will be waived.
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