Monthly Golf School Membership

Our monthly golf school is now in-session from all year! Classes are held up to seven times per week.

Golf Fundamentals Classes

This class is recommended for all beginning golfers.  It is also recommended to more advanced golfers who want to brush up on the fundamentals of the game.  Our “Golf Fundamentals” class covers basic instruction in:

  • Rules, Etiquette and Customs of the Game
  • Grip, Alignment and Posture
  • Putting, Chipping and Pitching
  • Golf Course Strategy
  • Essentials of the Full Golf Swing


Player’s Level Classes

Recommended for golfers who are feeling comfortable with the curriculum taught in the “Golf Fundamentals” class.  The “Players” classes offer a more comprehensive level of instruction of the material taught in the “Golf Fundamentals” classes.  The fundamentals are still taught, but with an emphasis on more specific playing scenarios.  Classes include:

  • Impact Position
  • Club Face Awareness
  • Swing Plane
  • Driving vs. Fairway shots
  • Fine Tuned Putting
  • Ball Flight Laws
  • Nuances of the Short Game 

Short Game Classes

Each week brings a different “Short Game Topic”, that particular topic will be the subject of all classes held during that week.

Topics rotate throughout the course of a few weeks.  Topics covered include:

  • Short Putting
  • Lag Putting
  • Chipping
  • Pitching
  • Distance Wedge
  • Par 3 Contest (Putting all the skills together by playing 9 short holes)

Golf Fitness

Our golf fitness class is for golfers of all skills and fitness levels.  Classes are held in the golf studio and are taught by certified fitness instructor, Lauren Rosella.  Here are a few of the benefits:

  • Improved swing efficiency
  • Greater distance
  • Reduced chance of injury
  • Better overall fitness level
  • Improved self esteem
  • The classes are actually fun!



Golf School Tuition Structure:

Masters Membership* – $99 per month.  Students enrolled in the “Master Membership” may attend unlimited classes throughout the month.  Includes Golf Fitness Classes.  Add a Range Program for a Discount – Unlimited range balls, unlimited play on our Par 3 course for $35 per month.

  • Masters – $99 per mo.
  • Masters + Range Membership – $134 per mo.

Challenger  Membership* – $50 per month.  Students enrolled in the “Basic” membership may attend  one class per week.  Challenger members may attend a golf fitness class, which will be counted as their one class per week.  Add a Range Program for a Discount – Unlimited range balls, unlimited play on our Par 3 course for $35 per month.

  • Challenger – $50 per mo.
  • Challenger + Range Membership – $85 per mo.