Hone Your Golf Swing During the Winter

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It may be surprising to hear this, but you can actually improve your golf swing, and your overall game over the cold and dreary winter.  Here’s a few ways to ensure a quick start to your game next spring:


  • The Mental Game – It is truly amazing how many golf rounds are ruined when “the wheels fall off”.   By understanding, and capitalizing on mental toughness, you can lower your scores without ever stepping onto the range.  I’d highly recommend reading Golf Is Not a Game of Perfect, by Dr. Bob Rotella as a start to improving your mental golf skills.
  • Putting – Especially focusing on putts of 8′ or less.  It’s amazing how much confidence can be gained just by knowing that you can roll a ball towards your intended target.  A reasonably priced putting mat, such as The Accelerator from SKLZ (also available from AA Golf Clubs, right at our golf range) can help a player build a great foundation in their putting stroke.
  • Indoor Swing Drills – Learning to hit better shots is all about developing skills.  By drilling in the correct habits, players can dramatically improve their ball striking.  It’s important to work on a drill that will improve your golf swing.  Looking up random drills found on youtube, and investing practice time on something that may not be relevant to your swing is usually a recipe for frustration and possibly worse.  Ask your golf coach for some drills you can work on during the winter.   If you’re near Raleigh, I offer a free 30-minute trial lesson to all prospective students.
  • Find a Coach With an Indoor Golf Studio – There’s a good chance that an instructor near you may have a facility that enables lessons to be conducted in any type of weather.  A good golf studio is large enough to enable a golfer to swing all clubs freely without feeling claustrophobic.   Our studio has a 15′ vaulted ceiling with large doors that open to our outdoor range, so players can see their ball flight.