Cure Your Slice with this Quick Drill

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Toe-Up to Toe-Up Drill

Click on the image below to view video.

This drill will help you learn to control your club face and give you a better sense of how to keep the club on the proper swing plane.

This Week’s Short Game Class: Chipping

Get your fundamentals straightened out in our short game class.

Prepare for a Great Golf Season

Get Ready for Spring
We’re conducting our Golf School classes during weekend daylight hours to make the best use of warmer hours.  Private lessons can be taught inside our climate controlled golf studio!

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Affordable Game Improvement

401 Par Golf & The Mike Sullivan Golf School provide the best golf improvement programs in the area at an affordable price.

Group Instruction Schedule:  

Click on the image below to view and sign up for group instruction.  If the group schedule is not shown, click “Book Clinic” in the upper left hand corner of the screen.

This week’s Short Game Class: Chipping



All adult classes are one-hour in length.  Cost is $20 per person per class.  All adult classes with the exception of the “Ladies Golf Class” are included in the monthly golf school membership.

Ladies Golf Classes are $99 for the six-week series.  Contact Mike Sullivan to sign up on a pro-rated basis.

Jr’s ages 10 & up are one-hour in length.  Cost is $10 per person per class.

Jr’s ages 5 – 9 are 45 minutes in length. Cost is $10 per person per class.



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