Glenn D. –

“Yesterday, I made a 25-foot putt from about 4 feet off the green for a birdie and won $10 in skins.  I’m certain your putting lessons helped me do this. ”

Glenn D.


Mike D. –

Just wanted to drop a line on what a great time it is to take lessons from Mike Sullivan. No matter the level of player you are Mike Sullivan can make you a better golfer. The price is right and the instruction is top notch. Take your game to a new level and let Mike be your teacher you will not be dissapointed in the results!

Mike D.


Ken B. –

What has most impressed me about Mike is the genuine delight he takes in teaching the game of golf. It seems that he looks forward to our sessions as much as I do. I have improved a great deal in the short time we have been working together and know I will continue to progress. I highly recommend his program for both beginners and skilled golfers.

Ken B.

Travis L. –

In 2010, I grew very frustrated and even considered giving up golf. Recently while hitting practice balls, I was referred to Golf Pro, Mike Sullivan. I contacted Mike and set up a series of lessons. His personality and patience has recharged my interest in golf. Mike’s instructions have been instrumental in helping me to make solid contact with the ball, which all golfers know result in better distance and accuracy. Mike emphasizes the importance of the golfer’s short game and practicing the techniques he teaches. In a short period of time, my enthusiasm for the game has returned and I only wish I had met Mike 40 years ago. Well, on second thought, his mommy might not have let him out to play back then!!

Thanks Mike,

Travis L.

Ina N. –

I have learned so much from Mike. Being a novice golfer, he has worked with me to take me from “blah” to “aughhh, I get it!” I had taken lessons with three other pro’s, and Mike is the first instructor who is a real teacher. He has helped me to improve my posture, my stance, and more importantly, my swing, all within a few lessons. His simple, logical drills , strategies, and use of video, have helped me to increase my awareness of what I was doing, yielding a huge change in my techniques. Our lessons have been fun, productive and well worth the investment. There is no way that I would have improved as quickly as I have, had it not been for Mike’s instruction. This is time and money well spent!



Bernitta B. –

Mike has been my teacher and mentor for several months. Not only is my game improving steadily, but even my fiance’ has noticed the improvement. In fact, we are becoming more competitive on the course. With Mike’s great teaching and mentoring, I am going to beat the “old geezer”!

FYI my game is now in the low hundreds dropping twenty strokes. My goal is the high eighties.

The impact bag has been a blessing and Mike’s patience keeps me coming back for more.

Thanks Mike,

Bernitta B.


Glenn D. –

Mike is the best thing that has happened to my golf game.  He is truly interested in improving my bottom line with focus on a better swing and short game technique.  And, he is very user friendly.  What a pleasure to have a teacher that is so wonderful to work with!  My wife, who is very shy with her game, loves Mike’s tee-side manner.  Now, that is kool and very rare!

I really like the video analysis, immediate corrective drills, and follow-up that Mike provides.  I can review my lessons online anytime through his digital recording and analysis process.

Anytime he sees me on the range, he is willing to watch and help.  He really cares.  Now, how great is that!

Thanks Mike!

Glenn D.


Michael G. –

“Can’t Teach an Old Dogg new tricks”

It’s not that the dog can’t learn, the problem lies in helping him give up the bad habits he’s picked up along the way.

My instructional experience with Mike Sullivan has been eye opening and re-invigorating. Through his instruction I am learning to let go of pre-conceived and misguided reasons for poor play and embrace the proper principles that are the basis of making any shot. By identifying the weaknesses, we have been able to prioritize and practice the techniques that have the most immediate impact on the problem area.

This approach has allowed me to clearly focus on a few areas  and develop simple practice habits, make better contact and know why it happened. I now know how to practice for improvement!

Thanks Mike

Michael G.


Patrick B.

Mike was recommended to me from two of my friends who have taken lessons with him and who have really shown an improvement in their game.  Mike is easy to work with, has a great passion for teaching golf and seeing his students improve.  He has created the first program I have ever seen that works on your full swing, short game, putting and course management skills in a friendly and comfortable atmosphere.  He takes his time and explains things in simple terms that are easy to understand and each lesson includes a video that is emailed to you, in case you forget something.  Mike’s short game classes on Tuesday’s & Thursday’s are a lot of fun, you meet some great people and I am amazed at how much better my short game and putting have gotten.  If you want to really improve your golf game while having fun, give Mike a call.

Patrick B.